Reducing your Arthiritis symptoms

Eating healthy and keeping well can help reduce your arthiritis sypmtoms. Versus Arthritis have collected the best tips and tricks from arthiritis patients:

“A well-stocked store cupboard is the first step towards being able to cook tasty and healthy meals. Here’s some easy ideas for you to try.

Use tinned sardines and mackerel for a boost of omega 3 fish oils, these work well in salads, with a baked potato or simply served on toast.

Tinned tomatoes are a versatile ingredient. You can make a big batch of tomato sauce and freeze portions to use when you are ready. It can work well as a base for pasta sauces, chilli or curry.

Why not experiment with spices such as turmeric, garlic and ginger to add more flavour? Some studies have shown that these can reduce inflammation and pain.

Fruit and vegetables are the mainstay of a healthy diet and make dishes tasty. Many are also packed with nutrients but cutting and chopping can be painful.

The Living Made Easy website gives helpful advice on gadgets and equipment to make everyday activities easier

You can use frozen fruit and veg which are already chopped and ready to be cooked and are much cheaper.

Here’s some suggestions you’ve shared with us:

-An electric tin opener is a must.
-Microwave cooking where possible. It uses less water and the cooking containers could be two handled.
-Lightweight pans are easier to lift and double handled are easier to handle.
-Use an electric steamer to cook veg, or put a colander in your pan so there’s no need to lift the pan to strain water
-Try using a lighter travel kettle.
-Cut up food with scissors, it can be easier than using a knife.
-You can buy adapted cutlery that you can grip more easily, and a chopping board with spikes at the bottom which are non-slip on kitchen surfaces.