What is Osteopathy and how can it help?

Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy that is suitable for a wide range of conditions and age groups. Osteopathy aims to improve range of motion, reduce pain, encourage fluid dynamics and address the body as a whole.

A range of techniques are used including gentle mobility movements, soft tissue techniques and also more focused manipulations. Not all elements of osteopathic treatment are suitable for every patient, so a full case history is taken and thorough assessment at the start of appointments to establish the best treatment plan for the individual. You may be asked to dress down to underwear for assessment, but if this is not something you’re comfortable with, bring along some shorts and a vest top.

Osteopathic treatment is not limited only to back pain or sports injuries, we can treat the whole body, also including digestive problems, migraine prevention and arthritic pain.

 If there is something that may need further investigation, the case history and or examination will identify this and we will refer to your GP if necessary, before continuing treatment.

Osteopathy is also a suitable treatment option during pregnancy and for babies and children, at any age throughout their development. Treatment for babies is a more subtle approach, occasionally using a sub category of osteopathy called cranial osteopathy.

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