Case Studies

Here you will find a selection of cases that we have assessed and treated. This area will expand over the coming weeks to provide you with an understanding of what we do and how we do it.

Female –  63 years

Retired  –  Does Pilates/Yoga

Complaining of 2 week history of left anterior knee pain. Symptoms aggravated by going up and down stairs/difficulty squatting.

Previous history of fracture to left foot – 2 years previously and therefore possible strain upon the knee.  Patient felt they had ‘not been walking right’ for a long time.

Diagnosis following objective examinations was patella tendonitis.  

Treated with taping and progressive loading exercises/stretches/review and adaptations to gait.

On discharge patient able to go up and down stairs with no pain/minimal pain on squatting and minimal tenderness on palpation of patella tendon.

We have had some excellent results with ladies attending post mastectomy.  They present with Axillary Web Syndrome, cording and lymphodema resulting in stiff shoulders and soreness around the scar.
Appropriate treatment of gentle specialised massage, with exercises, produces results after 2-3 treatments.  All our patients have been extremely happy with the results and hands on treatment.

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